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Dog help please- introducing and accepting a new puppy

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how can i get my 2years patterdale spanial used to our new addition a 8 week old springer my patterdale just hides in a corner and runs away from her


i watch 'dog whisperer' on tv, absolutely fab , might be worth watching for ways of sorting the problem out , however, i spend more time watching cesar milan than the dogs he is helping, ;) good luck,

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Jeez - whatever you do, DON'T do anything Cesar Milan does :suspect:


You don't actually get to SEE anything he does, it's all done off camera, and if you actually understand dog body language, you can see how traumatised he's made some of those dogs


If you're going to watch dog training programmes, watch 'Don't blame the dog' and 'It's me or the dog'


As stated in the first reply - to begin with, leave them to it. It may be useful to make use of a crate, even if it's only as a safe haven for one or other of them for some peaceful time alone, or to keep the pup away from your first dog whilst you have some together time with your first dog. The last thing you should do is force their company on each other

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I know it seems obvious but the other thing i forgot to mention is don't lavish to much attention on the new dog feed the older one first make a fuss of him first etc. Eventually he will come round in his own time. As someone stated earlier don't try and force it.

I hope all goes well.

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Here is an article that has some good tips in. I'm not sure about some of the suggestions, like it says you should hold the puppy in your arms and show it to your patterdale so the patterdale knows the puppy has a place in the pack. I, personally, would have assumed that this would make the older dog jealous?


Other than that I think it is a good read.


I would allow them to be around each other and supervise when they are together. Try to avoid intervening unless it becomes aggressive. The older dog will soon 'correct' the puppys bad behaviour, like nipping, as the mother would have done, so don't worry about that too much, just watch to make sure it stops at correction.


We introduced our cocker spaniel of 11 weeks to our gd of 1.5yrs at my mums house so it was a neutral place. We didn't allow them to be together alone for at least two weeks and left them to interact with each other in their own time and in their own way. the gd tried to get away from the cocker as she was swinging off her tail and nipples! but she soon got used to her and told her off lol.


Make sure they get attention from you by themselves sometimes too. And when you treat or fuss one when the other is around, make sure you give the other the same attention.


i would get some new toys for them to share, too so the puppy isn't taking the patterdales toys. plus, puppies need puppy toys as hard items can damage their gums.


good luck! im sure theyll be best of friends soon enough.

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