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Charity shop - Where to start looking

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We are looking at opening a charity shop.


I have been looking on right move and wonder if anyone could direct me where else to look. Do you know if the councils ever have any shops to rent in Sheffield or Rotherham best really.

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hmmm how about talking to the council about trying to get one of their spaces on the run from the Moor to town - I'm sure they are free, for artists mainly, but I've seen other things and a temporary charity shop might fit with their vision short term - worth a try. Guessing the redevelopment work won't be taking place anytime soon, so it would give you a good taster.


OH has contact details if you are interested - get Magsie to email me, as I'm pretty rubbish with PMs.

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Have a look round some of the busy shopping areas and see what's up to let there.


For example, in Broomhill there is the old Mind shop on the corner, I think there may be a to let sign but it may not be advertised on Rightmove, same with other premises, it's a question of driving/walking around Crookes, Broomhill, Hillsborough etc and seeing who is renting out shops there. There are certainly a few empty shops around at the moment:(

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