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Recommendations for solicitors for home buying

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If you're looking at a house, and if it's registered with Land Registry (which the chances are it is) then doing the conveyancing yourself is an option. It isn't difficult and could save you a fair few £000's

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can anyone recommend a good solicitor for buying an house,first time buyer and not sure what to do,or how much i should expect to pay


Fees will depend on these main things:

1. House or flat?

2. Freehold or leasehold?

3. Mortgage-financed or cash?

4. Already registered at HM Land Registry or not?

5. Total purchase price.


Things like these 'extras' will be more or less the same, no matter which firm you use:

6. Preliminary search fees [£250-£300]

7. Pre-completion search fees [£4-£10]

8. CHAPS fee [£15-£20]

9. SDLT, if price exceeds £125 000 (or '£150 000' if in a Disadvantaged Area- see http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/so/dar/dar-search.htm).

10. HMLR registration fee [£50 unless price exceeds £80 000]

11. Notice fees to freehold reversioner, if it's leasehold [depends on lease wording].

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