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Group suitable for 5 week old baby

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There's a nice friendly baby group on Tuesday mornings 10.00 - 12.00 at St John's in Hillsborough. It's the building behind Wetherspoons on Walkley Lane/Forbes Road (the car park is on Forbes Road). You don't have to stay all 2 hours, they are happy to have you drop in! :)


Ask your health visitor for a list of local groups - I got one in when I got the red book pack.

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hi there is a surestart in foxhill and grenoside you should call in there get all the information you need or call them and ask some questions, tomorrow there is a bumps to babies group at 1 till 2.30 you should come along ill be there im only 24weeks pregnant.

they will give you information on baby massage classes aquanatal exercise and all sorts they are just things im interested in. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/education/information-for-parentscarers/care-support/earlyyearsandchildcare/find-a-childrens-centre.html?showdetails=Show&uuid=62184a91-fcd2-44f6-9a07-d83e94d588f3


jackie is the secretary they are all so lovely up there

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