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How to find a cheap unit/shop to sell cakes?

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I am a home based cake maker but looking for a space/unit or a cafe to sell my products from around September time. Could you give me any advice how to find something cheap? I can share space or a shop with someone. Would be grateful for your help. Thank you.

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What about going phoning some cafes and arranging to go in and see the owner?


I don't want to get into profits etc but have you thought about having a small selection in a covered display container in hairdressers or nail salons? The ones I go to either have regular samples to share with customers as a way of free advertising or they sell on behalf of the maker if so much is donated to a charity. It might help to get your name out there even if you don't make big profits from it.

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Hi, maybe someone knows a coffee shop looking to sell cupcakes or cakes. Tried couple places but the prices they offered to buy the cupcakes for were too low :-(

Lucylocket I hope you got my email yesterday xx

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