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Handsworth -- What do you think about the area?

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I am seriously looking to buy my first house close to ASDA in Handsworth. I don’t own a car, so I need to take bus 52 to get to the City Centre and to work.


I am not so familiar with the eastern suburbs of Sheffield, particularly this area. So I would like to hear your impression / experience / opinion of the Handsworth area (S13).


Has the area improved somewhat in decent years? Anything to note about the crime level in that area? Any good school? Any road congestion problem around ASDA, Sheffield Parkway roundabout during the morning peak hour? Any new project coming up in that area (like a new retail park, supermarket, or other infrastructure project)?


I have looked around the Darnall area and I personally didn’t like it, hence I have looked further outwards and Handsworth seemed pretty decent. I really want to find out as much about the area as possible to make sure that this isn’t a silly investment.


Thanks for sharing.

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You should find all you need to know right here: http://soljaz-reppin-sheff.piczo.com/?g=28430635


Has it's own army apparently :hihi:


A lot of those pics are at woodhouse and i know a few of these lads they're about 20 now, the photos are old. i was at the match on Saturday with one of them They aren't criminals.

Handsworth is a great place to live the worst area is the Richmond park area. Handsworth is one of the best areas in Sheffield.

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