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The Haye V Chisora farce

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So it looks like Haye is going to take on Chisora in London after all. What a joke of a fight this is going to be. This isn't boxing this is ridiculous. These are two washed up journeymen looking for a final payday.


There are two reasons for this:


Firstly these two genuinely do hate each other and want to fight in which case this isn't a boxing match. Its a fight, a back street brawl, its dangerous and it should be stopped. These two are going out to hurt each other and it drags the name of boxing and the rules through the mud.


The alternative is, they don't and this is all a work and they are in it for the money. In which case this is theatre so they may as well do this at WWE's Summerslam and treat it as sports entertainment which is what it is and not boxing which is what it isn't.


Whatever it is I won't be watching because I love boxing and this palpably isn't that. These two are a disgrace

“I hate a good many things, but I suffer them all the same.”


Stannis Baratheon

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It's telling that Chisora's actions in his last fight caused more of a stir than his conviction for beating up his ex girlfriend.


I can be quite cynical at times and I wouldn't be surprised that all the after nonsense was staged to drum up interest for this fight. Haye is a fantastic salesman, far better than he is a boxer; he managed to turn a no contest against Audrey Harrison into the biggest pay per view fight ever in the UK earning himself a lot of money.

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Mma is far more exciting. Boxing sucks these days.


The heavyweight division is rubbish, amongst the biggest culprits with their tedious sameness and repetition are the Klitschkos, hopefully this fight will liven things up a little.

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