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8 week old kitten got diarrhoea, please help!


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Hi everyone, some of you know I have just got a male kitten. Was told he was nearly 10 week old but he looks more like 8 week and his sister is very small too, smaller than him.


Anyway he looked like he had swallowed a ballon and he werent pooing n was eating none stop, I phoned the vet and she said to get some de-wormer for the kits and see how they go.

I wormed him yesterday, 4 hours later he poo'd it was pretty soft but alright. But last night before bed he went to the litter box and his poo was runny and stunk it werent normal smelly poo. This morning he has poo again and its runny again.

He seems happy in his self, still really active and puring and stuff, eating a lot still but slowler, hes not eating like he hasnt eaten in weeks. He's drinknig plenty.


Im just wondering can worming them give them diarreah, is this normal within 24hrs of worming? Its just that the female kitten's poo is a little soft but near enough normal.


What can I do to help his poo go back to normal.


Any help with him are welcome


Thank you


p.s its the first cat Ive ever owned, Ive cared for many before but havent had this problem before especially in a cat this young My fiance knows more about them than me but he's at work and wont back til 7 tonight.

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He's being fed 'james wellbeloved' Turkey & Rise with vegatbles, complete cat food for kittens.


The kittens are from my cousin's friend's friend if that makes sense, anyway yesterday my cousins friend said the her friend fed the kittens anything they wanted from the time they were eating solids, they gave them adult cat food but gave them left overs from adult food and stuff.


So I was wondering the change in food could have upset his stomach too?


Thanks for tip with boiled chicken, Il try and get some chicken today when I go out and see if it helps him. He's drinking quite abit so no worries with fluids I dont think, Im always making sure his water is topped up :)


He's fast asleep on the sofa at the moment, hes so cute.

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Ok, I hope he doesnt get worse, cant bear to lose him. Ive got a vet just down the road from me which is good, so I take him straight there if needed.

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You can check his hydration by using the scruff at the back of his neck, if you pull up the skin and it springs back immediately, he is hydrated, if the skin takes a second or so, or doesnt go back immediately, the kitten is dehydrated and will need fluids/vet attention

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