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Budgeting loan- how long does it take?

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The DWP Charter says:

"We will deal with you as quickly as we can. We will tell you how long we will take and do our best to keep to the time we have said.



Did they?


Your post is slightly unclear.


Was the 1st reply after your application a letter that said that your application had been approved?

Approval usually only takes a week or so.

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What is a "Budgeting loan" ??


Its an interest free loan from the DWP that is paid back weekly from benefits. In response to the OP, if the response was an offer letter with repayment terms, then as long as you have indicated which terms you accept you will be granted the loan. I don't know how long it takes to put it into your account but I would assume its reliant on the postal and banking system.

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