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Are you allowed to do this..

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...on Sheffield Forum?


spyed a car I was interested in buying from a private seller.


The car looked lovely on the outside but thats not a reason to hand over huge amounts of cash is it?!


So ADgarage, a user on the forum came & gave it a once over for me today & basically the car is ready for scrap. Let alone sale :(


The seller was really quite arsey when the repairs were pointed out to him.


Ive been burnt in the past as a first time buyer so I had the sense to pay someone to look this time, and so glad I did.


This man is selling a dangerous car, to the unsuspecting buyer...how do you stop it? if you can because its private?


Can I post the REG on here?

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It is against forum policy to post regs however if you are concerned then i suggest you go to the helpdesk and discuss this with the site admins who will be better able to help you.


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