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How much is petrol?

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What sort of car, how fast do you drive, what time of day?


It's about 350 miles. My car driven carefully will get 50mpg so would take about 7 gallons. £1.48 a litre (diesel) - so it would cost me about £50.

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If you can get to St Ives for less than £50 i'll buy you a pasty.


I'd say around the £60 mark, but then I used these handy websites






Because i'm tired, but i've just eaten a cheese pasty, and daren't go to bed incase I have nightmares.

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Google maps is pretty good for just this kind of thing.


If you search for directions and then at the bottom it'll say estimated fuel cost. If you click on there and set the options to suit you it will then give you a pretty good estimate.


Ouch, would cost me £68. Scary as I'm planning a trip to Looe in a few weeks by which time petrol will be liquid gold.

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