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PT sessions or programme designed at new gym?

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I've recently found a fantastic new gym, Underground Fitness behind the Park Head pub on Eccie Rd South and am really enjoying their classes, especially the morning Zumba on Mondays and now Wednesdays at 9.30 am which is great for me just in time for after school pre coffee!!! I've had my induction, and now have the option of having a personalised programme designed for just a tenner (which I think is well worth it as they do really take your needs and goals into consideration) or PT sessions which are slightly more expensive but again seem reasonable for the potential outcomes!!


What are the gym bunnies thoughts on here? I think the tailored programme is at a promo rate at the mo and is reviewed after 4-6 weeks or so......loving the gym, loving the classes, just not sure where to go with the gym floor stuff.


I'm really enjoying it there and the trainers are SO friendly!! Any thoughts would be appreciated though...



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PT sessions will always get you better results than just following a program however you need to weigh up the costs involved. At most gyms a personalised program should be available as part of your membership rather than at extra cost.

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