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Shamblers Social Open Evening - Chapeltown - Thursday 10 May 7:30pm


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A chance for anyone thinking about joining a walking group to come along and meet the team who run the shamblers and some of our members.


Well established the Shamblers have weekly Wednesday health walks aprox 3 to 4 miles on various routes from our meeting point at Chapeltown Library, and alternate Thursday morning health walks 5 to 6 miles from various locations.


Alternate Thursday evenings we have a more challenging 5 to 6 miles walk.


Alternate Saturdays our walks are between 6 to 8 miles.


Weekly Sunday walks can be anything 8 miles and more.


The above is the structure of our group and since we reformed and started almost from scratch back in October 2011 and working together as a team with no individual control, has made the Shamblers a very successful voluntary group which we are proud of.


So feel free to join us at:


The Prince of Wales Pub

Burncross Road



7:30pm till midnight


The pub is very kindly putting us a free buffet on, and I'll be providing a bit of free live entertainment.


We would like to cap the attendance at 50 people, so if you wish to come along and enjoy this social event and find out more about our walking group, our Health Walks and other Walks, Trips, Holidays and other social events then please contact us through our website http://www.shamblers.org.uk


We look forward to welcoming any new members, oh and it's totally FREE to join us.


We already have 40 people who are attending which includes all the Team who put together the structure for running The Shamblers and some of our members from both the health walks and our more challenging walks

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What a brilliant night tonight.


Thanks for coming everybody, hope you all had an enjoyable evening, we had a great turnout of 42 people tonight, which ended up being a record for a Shamblers Social Event.


A big thankyou to The Prince of Wales pub for kindly putting the buffet on for free. They were glad of the custom


For me a 2 minute walk away enabling me to leave my gear so I can pick up in the morning, btw I didn't get paid from the pub, it was a pleasure to put tonight on for my Shambling friends for free.


I'm sure we will have another social there in a few months.


Thank you to the singers who performed tonight, hope you enjoyed yourselves, we enjoyed your performances.

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