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Really want to get in to plumbing ?

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There's no such thing as free in the plumbing game. At your age your prob too old to go down the apprentice route, so you would have to fund the course yourself. This could be anywhere between £3000 / £5000 to achieve industry recognised qualifications. You would then need to work for free with a plumbing company to gain experience & build the portfolio of work experience you will need to qualify. Besides, unless your really passionate about becoming a plumber, there's not a lot out job opportunity out there, as the market has been flooded for years with people retraining to become a plumber. Sorry if I have rained on your parade, but I'd rather furnish you with the facts. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

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Hi there Blades-eela,


I have just called Brinsworth Training and they said they take on apprentices up to the age of 24 so you're not too old! Employers will be interested in taking you on also because they can still access the full amount of funding for you at that age.


And even if the market is flooded there are a lot of bad trades people in every industry and so as long as you provide an excellent service to people you will make a success of it and yourself.


For a starting point I would called Brinsworth Training, Connexions, Sheffield College and The Source Academy as I know they deal with Apprentices.


I hope this helps, good luck!

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