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Calling all tv experts :P


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Looking for a new tv in the living room and im stuck between two, So looking for some advice from my fellow tech heads :P one is an LG 47LW550T LED HD 1080p 3D Smart TV, 47 Inch with Freeview HD and 5 year guarantee included. The other is a Sony Bravia KDL46NX723B LED HD 1080p 3D Smart TV, 46 Inch, Freeview HD also with 5 year guarantee.


I really like the look of both of them but hopeing someone can help me pick between the two, Its worth mentioning that the LG comes with 7 pairs of free 3d glasses price £479.99 but the SONY comes with built in wifi price £669.00


Thanks in advance!! :D

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Check the prices of additional SONY glasses.

For the 3D stuff I've not checked the specific models, but when I was looking a few months back they work very differently between SONY and LG (LG ones are passive (cheaper, but they do that by interlacing the vertical resolution in 3D - a slightly lower picture quality is the result) the SONY ones are active (expensive, but you don't lose quality).

The SONY one likely contains a panel made by LG if that helps.

I'd not buy a TV without seeing the picture quality with a source of my choice and access to the remote to play with the settings.

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I have a (non 3d) LG HD and its good. Took a bit of setting up so the colours and blacks look good, but its ok. (im not into 3d I just dont see the point of watching tv with glasses on lol).


However, the LG does use passive 3d which, whilst cheaper to buy the glasses, passive 3D, be it from Blu-ray or Sky, has the same level of depth as Active Shutter. However it also has half the horizontal resolution.


This lack of definition is easily noticeable, with 3D diagonals and curves displaying jagged edges however there’s no arguing that cheapo passive glasses are light and easy to wear.


So its up to you really, and Sony,s Bravia engine they use in their TVs has to be, in my opinion, one of the best for picture quality out there.

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It is a shame the LG passive is only half resolution, but I compared a top model Samsung against the LG and found the flickering caused by the shutter glasses on the Samsung FAR more irritating that the lower resolution of the LG. Literally any ambient light in the room visibly flickers which for me was totally distracting and would give me a headache.


I also know I would forget to charge the glasses or would sit/stand on them. The LG on the other hand is compatible with the RealD ones from the cinema (although the LG branded glasses are slightly better) so no worries about £50 replacements.


So for me at least the lower resolution is a small price to pay compared to the alternative, which would have been not bothering at all.


One thing to consider, if testing the LG in a store you MUST crouch down so that you are staring more or less at the center of the screen. The passive tech doesn't work if you are looking down or up sharply, like how you often end up looking in the store due to how low down they are.

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