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Anyone know where I can get old coins valued?

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we inherited a bag of old coins when a grandparent passed away, I would like to get them valued but have no idea how to go about it, there are too many to photgraph I would like to take tem somewhere. also would consider selling them although have no idea if they are actually worth anything or not.

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A fair few people sell coins on ebay. Sadly many only go for their scrap price. But some do go for more. You can check ebay for a rough idea.


Are they just loose, old British coins?


Silver threepence, copper pennies, half pence, shillings etc.


Or have you got some specific coins that are cased and in perfect condition?

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there are loose cpins, some very old looking coins, some in books of all the coins released for something, some foriegn ones, quite a few american coins and one that looks very old indead. complete mixed bag, my husbands grandad just collected what looked interesting to him.

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