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Derelict buildings

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Hi all


I'm looking to shoot a short film in or arround a Sheffield location and although I know of many abandoned or derelict buildings, trying to find the owners of said buildings is not so easy.


Does anyone know of any open locations that are abondoned or know of anyone who owns such a place?

Plenty of pictures available around the net of some great places till you read they had to break into the place to get them :rolleyes:

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To the OP: is the thing you're doing professional in any way?


If so its a difficult thing to deal with. If you go down the official route you'll find few willing to help due to "health and safety". If you do find a willing site owner you may find you have to shell out for insurance.


If you go ahead and do it privately you risk being sued. I know of one person who was sued when he sold a photo he took while urbexing. I've been threatened a number of times from solicitors acting on behalf of a landowner, but as I just upload mine to the web and don't make any money from them, its come to naught.

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Hi guys, many thanks for the suggestions and help.


Yeah I like the 28 Days website and have seen it but as you say you dare not ask a question!

I like the look of The old Stanley Tools offices as well.

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