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Best bedding for a kennel?

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Pets at Home have those black double skinned mats - they are pretty decent. You can also get the padded mats which have foam inside them and waterproof covering.

The best types of kennel EVER are the igloo's with the igloo bed inside them. Not the cheapest but certainly the best.

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i dont know why getting wet but i think it could be weather thay got 3 kennelswooden one 2 of them and a brick one but it only brick one getting wet ive put a door thay ripped it of


Might it be a question of insulating the brick one then to keep the damp at bay as that is more likely to be the cause assuming the animal(s) inside are not wetting. Brick is not the best material by itself for warmth.

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Our dogs have a large wooden kennel, that has one side enclosed with a wooden floor and the other side has a mesh front and the door is always open. the kennel is on top of concrete. i have never had a problem with the inside getting wet.


if the kennels aren't on concrete, I'd suggest laying down some cheap concrete slabs over a weed sheetand putting the kennel on top of it.


you could post us a photo of your kennels so we can get a better idea of the problem :)

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If it's only the one kennel thats getting wet then it's obviously a problem with the kennel rather than the bedding you use. My advice: buy/build a new kennel.

Netherlands Boarding and Rescue Kennels- 'Giving Local Dogs A Chance' http://www.netherlandsdogrescue.co.uk

Mill House Animal Sanctuary- 'For The Neglected We Care' http://www.animalsheltersheffield.co.uk

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thay have got two big kennels wooden has well but it not leaking any whare the brick one i change there blankets ands straw regaly but still same problem


:confused: sorry lucy lisa, I find your post really confusing as there is no use of punctuation so I am not sure if it is the wooden kennel that's leaking or the brick one?


it sounds like the floors need attention to me and need raising or changing to concrete. the wooden floor in the enclosed side of our kennel is raised and we've had no problems. we don't have any bedding in our kennel though as the dogs are only outside in the day and sleep in the house. plus, bedding doesn't last a minute with our dogs before they shred it so ours have a mattress with a waterproof sheet on it that can go in the washer.


i think you need to find a heavy duty, waterproof mattress for them really. or two or three heavy duty waterproof pillows

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