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What Old Games Do You Keep Revisiting?


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Though IMO games just keep getting better and better, there are a few gems that I just keep going back to:


Star Trek: Birth of the Federation.

An old turn based strat game in which you can choose to be Federation, Kingons, Romulans, Cardasians, or Ferengi (nobody EVER chose Ferengi). You have to build your tech, alliances, and empire on the galaxy map; then when it comes to battles, you go to a graphical reprisentation for the battles. Awesome for the time, you needed dozens of ships to take on the Borg, but the game never really worked as the battles often crashed to desktop. Every now and then I revisit the memory by playing through as Klingons and not stopping untill I've got every planet in the galaxy.


Zork: Nemesis.

One of the first games I played on the PC. An incredibly atmospheric point and click adventure game with a fantasticly overacted plot and brilliant puzzles, not too hard that you get frustrated, but not too easy that you feel that you're walking it. I've played this again and again, and have just bought it from eBay for about 2 quid. As evidence of how good this game is, I bought it along with Myst, and this game stood out over that awesome classic.


Final Fantasy 7.

I've played this to death, bred a Golden Chocobo, Knights of the Round, Killed Ruby Weapon, Killed Emerald Weapon, gotten another Golden Chocobo... I played this game again and again and just writing this has made my metophorical gamming-mouth water.


Final Fantasy 8.

I loved this one, even more than the amazing FF7. I remember I fell in love with that bird on the game as the main character did. The end scene was thirty minutes for Christ sake, thirty minutes of the most amazing cgi (at the time, obviously) I had ever seen. Even the song seemed well done. The characters were the best variation of anny of the FF games I've played and the story is just so well presented, it takes its time. Not played this one in a while, I feel the urge to go PS1 shopping.

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Ooh, thought of a cpl more...


Another World (AKA Out Of This World):

Stunningly put together game in which a ginge finds himself on another pllanet/different dimention, and he must escape with his big buddy. Brilliant game, brilliant story (told without words). This is a game that I try to play through at least once a year.



This is one of the greatest games ever, the grphx were incredible for the time. This was kinda billed as the sequal to Another World, but it didn't seem to have anything to do with it. I spent hours on this game, and it's another I've not played in yonks... Another game to get with the PS1.

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Warcraft 3:

Not really a fan of RTS, I always feel at a dissadvantae seeing as the computer has full control over everything on the screen, and you can only control in bulk.

What I love about this is the story and how it's presented. I played WoW for a while, and followed the lore, just because of how amazing the cut scenes were on this game.

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Frak on the BBC, I found a PC version and it's just as impossible as I remember!


I also recently tried to play Dinky Doo on the C64 but can't find a working one on-line.


I could play Bubble Bobble for ever.



Bubble Bobble was awesome. I miss my C64, did anyone play Labyrinth (the one based on the film)? I loved that game, I never did manage to get past the Bog Of Eternal Stench.

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Oooh, thought of another...


Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind:

By a long way the greatest of the series. This was my first ES game, and I read every book I came across. It doesn't sound like much now, but when I discovered you could have your own house it was a massive thing. The story has never been beat in any of its sequals (you were the reincarnated god Nereverine and you had to go through trials to prove it, as well as getting the backing of the families and so on) and the overall task was epic. I remember reading all the books ingame about Barenziah, and I loved the story of her and her son, and then the expansion came out and you got to meet her, it was just so involving that I really felt emotional.

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Civilization 4:

The last of the series with Leonard Nimoy's voice. In number 5 they changed a bit too much for me, and so this is the greatest of the series IMO.

Turn based and very deep in its combat, can be played by an amature and someone who likes it on nutter difficulty, and both will have as much fun from the experience. One thing I liked about this more so than number 3 is the combat on this was much more sensible. On number 3 there was time after time that I went into battle with modern tanks against something antiquated like cavalry, and the cavalry has beaten me. Or sent a cruiser against a Man-O-Wat and it's sunk me. I've even attacked swordsmen with jets and they've somehow blown me out of the sky. Number 4 had none of this.

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Bak 2 Skool (excuse the spelling, the original was spelt like that) on the Spectrum, played via an emulator, the game was a classic IMO, and I always used to personalise it naming the characters after teachers I'd had, and the hero after myself! I never could complete it though, I always ended up getting 10000 lines and expelled :(


Also, the Dizzy games on the Spectrum, the only one I ever completed without cheating was Prince of the Yolkfolk, which was the sixth game in the series.


And finally, I recently downloaded a BBC Micro emulator and a copy of Repton 3, the game I used to waste my lunch hour playing at School back in the late 80s, couldn't play it though, couldn't remember the keys and couldn't find a way to reconfigure them :(

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Bust-a-move 2 - used to play this in the 90's as a kid and keep going back to it, it's so fun and really brings out your competitive side. :hihi:


Final Fantasy 7 - of course. Still my favourite game of all time. I even downloaded it to my android phone. :D

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