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Why hasn't anyone been to see Diesel?


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No-one has ever been to visit Diesel with a view to adopting him. He is a lovely dog , as a volunteer dog walker I often take him out for a long walk , we go into the Peak district and he loves it. He's been to my house on a few occasions so as he can play offlead, he loves to chase his toys round the garden. I'd miss him lots if he found a home but I'm sure he'd be very happy if the right person came along.

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Aww he looks lovely, I suppose his age and the problem with dogs would put a lot of people off, but I reckon that older dogs are lovely and can be so so rewarding, its a shame really he could make someone a fabulous little companion :love:

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He's so cute! I say it with him being oldish and having issues with other pets and not good with children may put people and families off the idea of visiting him. Hope he finds a loving home soon.

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He is lovely. I have a 20 year old cat who doesn't like dogs (or other cats , or very much at all really!) or I would have him in an instant. Diesel has always appeared friendly towards cats and if mine was younger I would be tempted to try to introduce them. I don't think that Diesel has ever shown any dislike of children , the rescue is being careful who they rehome him to. It's strange dogs running up to him that he really doesn't like , I think it's just because he's a bit nervous.

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The best way that we rehome any dog is with fabulous pictures and videos.

We have just had a lady come up from Penzance to see one of our Staffies - (sadly it didn't work out - but she still came).


Video is the best.

Do Sheffield Dog Rescue have dogs on DogsBlog - we get some great homes from there.


He needs to have a character - for people to see the dog that he really is.


We also have jackets with I NEED A HOME on them - so when some nice kind person (like you) take him out in public - everyone who sees how great and well behaved he is - sees' he's in need of a home.


We also do special cards and flyers - with our long termers on the back of them.


We rehomed one for another rescue that had been in for over a year like this - and he was fabulous - it broke my heart to see him every day - and nobody wanted him.


The only way is to showcase him.


Do an appeal in the local paper - get a bandana round his neck for the photoshoot - Make him different but


Well done for trying - you are probably his best hope of finding that home.


Is he on the http://www.ineedahome.co.uk website. We could do with Sheffield Dog Rescue getting their dogs on there if someone could do it for them.

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I couldn't help commenting..he is just such a gorgeous dog. I really hope someone snaps him up soon, older dogs have so much to give, and as for other challenges, sometimes it's just a matter of being with the right person! Good luck Diesel:)

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Thank you for all the lovely comments.

Rain , thanks for those tips I will pass them on.

We're just off to White Peak with him this morning, but any interested parties may see him back in kennels later this afternoon, ring first of course!

All the dogs in sheff dog rescue at the moment are lovely ,as I'm sure they are in other rescues too.

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