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What is there a gap in the online market for?

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Would you decide "I'm going to open a shop in the high street" and then go round asking for ideas of what to put in it?


There are millions of opening's available for online services - I've never heard of a online bookable manure disposal company before - do you fancy having a go?


Or maybe, you should think about what you're interested in, what talents you have, what you can bring to the internet that nobody else can, and then do research into those to see if there's any viable marketplace for them?

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I am only requesting a public view for what they have noticed or need etc.


I'd like a site with amazons range that guarenteed to be 50% cheaper than them. Let me know when you've got it up and running and i'll definately buy from you.

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If you have an idea somebody will always try to nick it and take credit for it themselves. There will always be someone trying to generate their own wealth through you; what do you think the Dragons' Den is all about?

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