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Looking for a snooker partner

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I've been wanting to find a partner to play snooker with for a while, just to improve my game and have a bit of fun. Is anyone else in need of a partner. I don't think I could commit to a regular weekly slot but would want to play as close to weekly as possible.


I'm based in Walkley and wouldn't mind travelling too far, I'm 26 and my highest break is only about 20 so far, but that's because I only pick up a cue once every couple of months.


Post here or PM if interested.

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Hi Guys,


If you're looking to play different players have you thought about playing in the Works Snooker league. A very social league where handicaps vary from Scratch to recieve 70, not many really good players in this league as they play in the Wednesday night league.


It starts in October and runs for about 20 weeks.


You could run a team from say Handsworth you only need 3 players per match night although can have 5 players as its 5 singles games, some players play twice if you don't have 5 there.


The location of current teams are at Hillsboro Snooker Hall, Handsworth, HSBC Dore and 3 at Transport Club at meadowhead and ideally the league is looking for a couple more clubs.


Cost is about £5 to enter for the year and you obviously pay for your home table costs which Hillsboro and Handsworth do very good deals.


If interested let me know.

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Hi JaKS This does sound good to me and as im in Sheff centre then im ok to get around to some places etc, I have a couple of Friends that i play against etc who may be interested but if not then could i just join myself in a team?

How would i find out my handicap etc and what days are these played on?

Please let me know as interested etc and would love to run a team if i can get the others to play etc but defo want to play thanks,Adam

P.S. Inbox me

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