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Fans Attending Rival Matches


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Does anyone on here ever attend matches or games which are played by rival teams, I am wondering because I am an Owl and have been all my life, but on occasion I have been known to attend Bramall Lane and see the Blades quite a few times, I mean, if there is a cheep or free ticket on offer to see a game then why not no matter which club it is, now, I may have the opportunity to travel down to London to watch the Blades at Wembley depending if they get there and the tickets are reasonable.


I was hoping to go down to support the Owls but that would have been a long way to travel if we did not perform and a long and potential heart ache on way back, so with going down to watch the Blades I can guarantee a personal stress free day and soak up everything without worrying about my team, the other person who I have been to Blades matches with is obviously a Blade, but still, I have said that I no longer want to go to Bramall Lane as I have been plenty of times and he has only been to Hillsborough once with me, he did say he wanted to go to the derby game at Hillsborough this season but there were no more tickets left by time it happened, so to wrap up.


Have you or do you ever attend rival matches and if so do you go without guilt as in it is just another football match or do you go to take the mickey.


Oh, well done Wednesday, a thoroughly deserved promotion and an epic season on a whole, I really thought we blown it with the Blades having points and games in hand and they really should have had it all sawn up last month or even 2 months ago, but we kept asking questions and kept the pressure on and in the end the Blades bottled it, also with Ched gone they have looked like they missed him and in 3 ridiculous games they have blown it, anyway, well done DJ and MM and of course Megson who gave us the derby win and started the ball rolling, and also, well done Wilson mission accomplished :hihi:

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In the early sixties I even had a juvenile season ticket (ground) for a couple of seasons at Bramall Lane and what a bargain it was. Sixteen shillings (80p) for 21 top flight matches. Unfortunately Wednesday didn't offer the same at that time or I would have had one there as well. In the late seventies I would often go to the Lane with my Unitedite drinking pals.

Despite all this I can't remember ever wanting United to win.

I also went to a United semi final at Elland Road in the sixties (v Leicester) and they didn't lose!

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Growing up in a mixed loyalty family I often went over to the dark side with my uncle to watch Wednesday, I attended all United home games with my father but then when we played away my uncle albert had no kids therefore often tried to convert me whilst peeing the old man off in the process.

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