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my filter/pump thing is making a right noise, i think its broke, cant afford a new one as yet, will my fish be ok for a few weeks if i turn it off and just keep the heater on or not?, i just have in kribensis, swordtails and bottom feeders, i dont wanna kill them - anyone?

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Is it doing anything other than making a noise ie. blowing bubbles? Often trapped air makes a alot of noise but is very simple to fix. It wont always spit bubbles but you should definitely try to work out if it's trapped air.


However you definitely can't turn it off. If you turn it off then you will expose the fish to ammonia poisoning. You might not be able to afford a brand new one but if you check out ebay there are sometimes some really cheap filters going. If you do buy a new one be sure to transfer all of your current filter media over into the new one.

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I think you've misunderstood me. If you read my post again I was saying if there are bubbles coming out/it's noisy then there could be trapped air in it.


What type of filter is it?


You said you couldn't afford a new one so surely you know how much a replacement is? I can't tell you that without knowing your tank size and/or filter model. Ebay is your best bet if money is tight as second hand is always cheaper.

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