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People who are wanting a puppy beware of puppy farms

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i have noticed a few people on here wanting to buy puppy's of what ever breed

please watch this video & be careful ware you get your puppy from

Please be aware the video footage on this link are very upsetting but you relay

do need to be made aware of puppy farms

make sure when you go to see a puppy you see it with its parents & the right paperwork

or if the mother has been studded by a stud dog ask to see the details of the male stud &

don't ever meet someone in a car park , motorway etc to buy a puppy don't keep these place's

going by you buying their sick & poorly puppy's

even if you feel sorry for it when you take that one away

another will take its place

the people that breed these poor dogs breed them from

6 months of age until they can go no more or drop dawn dead

please don't help them by buying their puppy's :(


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Laudible Fabcakes but you know fine well that the ones who 'fancy' a puppy will not consider much else other than the cut price tag slapped on it but you might convert a few, so don't give up trying.


Even if just a few are converted, that makes a difference to a few puppies and sa few bitches.


Fabcakes, keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Will you be replicating the post on Gumtree?

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i know what you mean sorry crossed wire's

i doubt very much if they will let me put it on i

have tried & failed to put adds on before warning people

about breeders , puppy farms etc & with in hours , days minuets

they have removed them you would think they would leave them on

but i will give it a go again see if they leave it on :)

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its made me think 3 different people who have enquired about a puppy

of me have fell victim to these people

& one of the women had a basset she only had it a week & it died

it was poorly when she got it & when she went back back to

the breeder he just said i can give you half price off another basset

their was no upset from him about losing one of the puppy's he

had bread he just didn't care

she then after a year of being upset about it got another witch was

from a puppy farmer she didn't know at the time until she saw it

once again the puppy was critically ill she knew it was

when she bought it but didn't want to leave it with him & once again

the puppy died 2 weeks after

she didn't know what puppy farms was until all this happened

& the others that called me 1 out of the 3 puppy's survived but was very very

sick & cost her a fortune in vets fee's :(

i relay do feel for people who don't know about puppy farms i know i can't

name & shame but god i wish i could


i have just checked to see if they have put the add on & they have .....result .......


here it is please share it get the word round to to unsuspecting buyers thinking of

buying a peddagree puppy from a breeder but getting a puppy farmed puppy instead







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