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Running for Sheffield Half Marathon and raising Funds for British Heart Fnd

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Hi Everyone


I am about to take on a challenge by running the Sheffield Half Marathon (21.1 Km) on Sunday 26 May to help raise funds for British Heart Foundation (BHF).


It was exactly two yeas ago on this day I suffered a heart attack which came as a complete surprise. I was shocked and devastated at the same time I felt lucky to have survived. I made a quick recovery thanks to the excellent care and support I received at Northern General hospital in Sheffield. From the moment I left the hospital I was determined not to give in to the disease and be active and healthy as much as I can. After a three months of rehabilitation program which helped me to get back on my feet, I decided to take up running which I had never tried before. I was nervous at first but I knew I have to take one step at a time as I build my strength up. The biggest thing was getting over the mental barrier of having had a heart problem and worrying about what I should and I shouldn't do. I must say that it was very challenging but my determination to get fit kept me going and I haven’t looked back since. Fortunately within a year or so I was able to push myself reasonably hard and I decided to take part in a 10K run last year. I was quite impressed myself on timing and the effort that I put in. It was a huge milestone in my recovery to show not only have I come back but that I was actually feeling much better than before. So far I have taken part in three 10K runs and raised some funds for cancer research charity (thanks once again to those who helped me). I also have completed my 35th weekly 5K run at Endcliff Park in Sheffield (Park Run- a free 5km, timed runs held around the world). Interestingly I have lost 26 Kgs (4.09 stones) during the last two years and now within the weight suggested by my cardiologist.


Right..that's little bit about my recovery and accomplishment which is slightly beside the point..


I've seen the development of cardiac diagnostics over the years, it's incredible and I've myself probably benefited from its past investment in cardiac research sponsored by BHF. I know first hand how important heart health is and I think its a good reason for supporting this charity as I feel I have a duty to do my bit by giving back something and make a positive contribution to the community.


I appreciate that lots of you make contributions to other causes and this one may not be high up on your list. I would really appreciate whatever your support in raising vital funds for this charity and if you follow the link below will take you direct to my fund raising page.




Many thanks for your support in advance....


Kind Regards




PS Sorry for the long story...

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