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Charles clifford dentist

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no, you have to make an appointment. and they will only see you if you arn't registered at a dentist. x


Oh dear! So ive got a cracked filling and bad tooth ache, My dentist is shut, Ive rung the out of hours number on their answer machine, they rang back and said theres no appointments and to take paras and wash my mouth out with salt water? What am i meant to do till tuesday? Any ideas and dont suggest pulling it myself cos if i thought i could without making it worse id be in the tool box now ;)

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Can you just go to the charles clifford still? I know it used to have a walk in service for emergencies, But im not sure if it still works like that, Anyone else know or been recently? Thanks


Is he still practising.I remember him drilling my nanan's teeth in the 1920s

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You can also get your dentist to refer to to the dental hospital if you would prefer to be treated there.


In the meantime, for emergencies this is on the NHS website:


If you need urgent dental treatment ring the Urgent Dental Care line on 0844 736 8440. The Urgent Dental Care line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for both adults and children.


You'll be assessed over the phone and if you require urgent treatment you may be offered an appointment at the Dental Urgent Care Centre. Appointments are available 365 days a year, usually between 8:30am and 8:30pm.


Good luck, hope they are helpful!

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