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Wicker Camp Muay Thai

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Hi :)


Im really wanting to start going to train at wicker camp (i think)


Im a female so would go on sundays 5- 6:30

Does anyone know what its like and if i would like it?


I have no exp in any type of boxing, fighting or even getting fit to be honest.

Im not wanting to become a bad ass mma fighter or anything i just want to get fit doing something that i like.


But im a little nervous about going, can somebody like me go who has no exp in anything and doesn't actually want to become an actal figher and fight for the camp if that makes sense.


Any help is much appriciated

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You will love it. Trix takes the women's class and she's really lovely and a great trainer. There's people of all ages and levels so there's no pressure and you'll fit right in straight away. If you tell Trix it's your first lesson she'll really look after you. :)

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You will love it. The atmosphere is fantastic. There are lots of girls who go. All the lads are sound and the instructors wil lmake you feel welcome. <ick and Trix are really nice and understading. I have been going for around 20 years.

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