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Art Book needed. Charles Salas - The Life and the Work

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Hi, this is a major longshot...

I need a copy of this book: The Life and the Work, Charles Salas, to write an essay by Wednesday. I ordered it ages ago online but it's coming from America and I doubt it will be here in time.


Are there any artists or art students out there who have a copy of this book? I've tried all ways of getting it and although a couple of stores around the country have it, they are internet booksellers and I can't go and collect. I've tried amazon, google books, ABE, blacks waterstones, Foyles etc etc. I think my only chance of finding it is if someone has it tucked away on a shelf somewhere, hence the Sheffield forum plea!!



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Have you tried Heffers in Cambridge?


I have, thanks. They can get it, but again it's 3 weeks wait from USA. My husband even went down there for me a couple of weeks ago to find its Blacks now. Sad but still a great book shop.

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Amazon says you can have it by Tuesday if you order in the next 20 hours, but that is costing you £25.50 and still leaves you, at best, 24 hours to write the essay. It's not much of an answer, but you might have only two options at this stage - pay £25 and write the essay in less than 24 hours, or not have the book at all.


Sorry I can't find anything more helpful.

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