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Please help? What computer is suitable for my needs?

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Hi, I need to buy a new computer as my old one is slacking and sometimes freezes up/delays etc. I do the usual defrag/cleanups etc but ultimately it's just old and needs updating. More than happy with my supercool monitor, keyboard and mouse etc, so just need the box thing. I could take the chance of asking someone to strip it back to see if that improves things but you can't polish a turd.


I've just looked online at this one, but only because it has £200 off. TBH I don't really have a clue what I need. I'd like something pretty fast and something that won't take time to think about what it's been told to do. I like instant results. :)


I play music quite alot using windows media player and also use internet alot. All my personal files and photos need to be stored on it too.


Could anyone help please?



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It should certainly do the job fine, but do not be fooled by that discount, its only worth what the CURRENT price is when you compare it to the likes of novatech, Dell, etc.


It would be good value if it WAS £200 off, but its showing as £150 off for me.


To be honest, there isn't much between them.

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Thanks for that Alex. I'll bear it in mind.


Is that about the right price for what I'm looking for? Or is there something cheaper that will be just as good? I'm really not bothered about the name.

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Personally, I would get this with a copy of Windows. As long as you happy to install Windows yourself (its VERY easy these days), its a much more powerful machine.


That means you get the latest (third generation) quad-core i5 for £356.96 total vs the PC you were looking at which is a Pentium Dual-Core (second generation).


The beauty of getting a more standard PC is there is more scope for improvements or repairs later. Particularly it means you could add an SSD (while keeping the HDD in there for storage) which is the biggest improvement you can make to responsiveness on a PC.


It all depends how comfortable you are with solving your own problems (or asking on here for help). Are you likely to need to call Acer support?


The general rule is that branded PCs like Acer are good, but they design their cases to be JUST big enough to fit what thay are selling them with. It makes them take up less space, but if anything goes wrong you can't be sure to find the part to fix it (at least not cheaply) or there be any space to (for example) add an SSD or a second HDD.

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