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Wright Family in Sheffield

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My grandfather, Herbert Wright, was born in Sheffield in 1884.

Immigrated to the U.S. around 1911 (Wallingford, CT)

He had 6 siblings:


Henry –born 1871

William 1875

Lily 1881

Herbert 1884 (my grandfather)

Frank 1887

Bernard 1889 (died at 2 months)

Walter 1895


Curious if there are descendants of this family still in Sheffield.

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You could try sheffield gen cematry to see if you have any dead family buried there, i think they have quite a few record on the site that maybe of intrest to yourself :)


I would hope that thay had no living family buried there!!

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Thanks for all the info.

I have been on sheffield indexers for over a year and have got a lot of info from the people on that forum.

I was even emailed a couple of headstone photos of my desendants.


Thanks again for any replys.

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