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How much should you pay for window cleaning?

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We used to pay £6, but now we pay £4-50 as the new company use poles rather than ladders and poles are cheaper. I am not sure if other Eastern Europeans are as cheap however.:hihi:


I used to pay £5 but since we have had double -glazing put in,the rates are £10!

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All the houses where i live have windows designed so you can open them,then turn them inward to clean yourself.However,i don't know if its just laziness,but the window cleaner seems to do ok client wise.

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I do my own. I can't bear paying others to do what I can do myself.

They have not been done yet this year, but to be honest when we did have a window cleaner they were always dirty the week after they had visited.


eww what are they going to look like after 5 months? can you see through them?


I pay £5 and Nev comes around once a month, within 2 or 3 days. We used to use someone prior that would turn up whenever the sun was out, hmm. I thought £5 was quite a bit until reading the above. The previous bloke has also turned to polls and I've watched them, doesn't look a very thorough job in my opinion compared to proper hands on, and a brush on a stick isn't going to get into all the nooks and crannies, and window sill properly :)

Can only assume polls are a no-go with terraced houses, he'd have to stand in the middle of the road to do upstairs :o

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