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Salmagundi and The Purgatory Players @ the Red House 12/5/12


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Live music at the Red House Featuring


Salmagundi are Seven talented musicians who perform music full of interest and energy – music that’s very much their own, but revels in a world of influences, from czardas to ska, samba to tango, and all stops between. With a dynamic all-female front line – powerful vocals, saxes, violin, trombone, clarinet, accordion, and a deeply groovy backline, it makes for a big sound: multi-layered and very dancey.




While some biographies simply read as self-published reviews, attempting to cover the Purgatory Players involves a tad more than hyperbole and endless sycophantisms. Undeniably wise beyond their years, they embody traditionalism in many senses, whilst emphasis always remaining firmly on progression and forward momentum artistically.

Influences are vast and varied when it comes to their approach, while the comparisons that have been made to Scott Walker, Jacques Brel and Nick Cave all hold a certain validity, there is also a deeper and more experimental edge that instils a passion in the band. Existential and modernist literature sits side by side with folk music traditions that stretch, as far around the world as Turkish Ottoman Cafe songs to Congolese Soukous, all creating a deeply original sonic mould that is the output of The Purgatory Players.





And DJ Wayne Sealey makes a welcome return to the Red House, joined by some suprise guests.




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What a fantastic night, thanks for advertising.

DJ was superb and salmagundi were fantastic as well as incredibly talented.

However the purgatory players... Clearly they need someone to tell them what they are doing wrong, it was so bad it was funny..

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