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The cat is wont shut up help

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my cat is in heat and keeps showing her rear end to everyone and wont shut up any advice other than getting her fixed normally lovely and pleasant to little randy jeckle and hyde effect help please


There is no other advice. You need to get her spayed as soon as possible. You're not being fair on her or the multitude of unwanted cats out there looking for a home and the overrun charities trying to help them.

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I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about this season (apart from making damned sure that she doesn't get out and no tom cats make their way in, of course) but then you need a vet appointment for her to be spayed within a couple of weeks before it happens again.


Cats have a season about every 3 weeks and you can spay any time that they aren't in season. Vets usually work a week or so in advance for elective things like spays, so get your appointment sorted now :)


As for what you do to get through this season, the honest answer is gin or ear plugs ;)

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shes an indoor cat and wont go outside so not worried about her having kittens its the fact she gets a bit attached to my partner when shes like this and when he goes out she howls the place down


Yes, but again, presumably she's behaving like this because she's frustrated and unhappy. If you have her spayed she won't have to keep going through this. You need to think about *her* welfare.

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