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Students Union Beer Festival


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Starts tomorrow.


The beers listed on their Facebook page are as follows:


Abbeydale Brewery

Moose Abuse Juice 3.8%

Resurrection 4.6%

Demon Drink 4.2%

Beer Fest Brew 5.2%


Acorn Brewery

God Save The Queen 4.5%

Vanguard IPA 5.0%


Atomic Brewery

Fusion 4.1%

Half-Life 5.0%


Blue Bee Brewery

Brown Ball 4.0%

Blue Ball 5.0%

Pink Ball 6.0%


Brass Monkey Brewery

Son of Silver Back 3.6%



Paradox Jura (50ml) 15.0%

Tokyo (50ml) 18.2%

Tactical Nuclear Penguin (25ml) 32.0%


Brodies Brewery

Hackney Re IPA 6.1%

Dalston Black IPA 7.0%


Dancing Duck Brewery

Dark Drake 4.5%

Abduction 5.5%


Dark Star

Hophead 3.8%

Espresso Stout 4.2%

Coffee Pilsner 4.8%

Revelation 5.7%


Dunham Massey

Chocolate Cherry Mild 3.8%


Greenfield Brewery

Delph Donkey 4.1%

Vanilla Stout 5.2%


Little Valley Brewery

Stoodley Stout 4.8%

Tods Blonde 5.0%


Marble Brewery

Draft 3.9%

Ginger 4.5%

Dobber 5.9%


Muirhouse Brewery

Mr Bumble 4.0%


Northern Brewery

Soul Rider 4.0%

Hit and Run 4.5%

Nectar 4.2%


Old Bear Brewery

Honey Pot 4.4%

Goldilocks 4.5%


Pictish Brewery

Brewers Gold 3.8%

Maelstrom 5.0%


Poachers Brewery

Black Crow Stout 4.5%


Potbelly Brewery

Crazy Daze 5.5%


Red Willow Brewery

Headless 3.9%

Heartless 4.9%

Smokeless 5.4%

Ageless 7.2%


Roosters Brewery

Leghorn 4.3%


Spire Brewery

Deepdale Pale Ale 4.8%

Sovereigns Escort IPA 5%


Springhead Brewery

Black Tom 3.8%

Roaring Meg 6%


Thornbridge Brewery

Why 4.70%

Topaz 5.30%

Jaywick 4.80%

Beadecas 5.30%


Tryst Brewery

Blathan 4.0%

Carronade IPA 4.2%


Two Towers Brewery

Mott Street Mild 3.6%

Chamberlain Pale Ale 4.5%


Warwickshire Brewery

Duck Soup 4.2%

Ball Stitcher 5.0%

Kingmaker 5.5%


Woodlands Brewery

Red Squirrel 3.6


Plenty to go at.





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Some very nice beers on offer.


I particularly liked the two from Brodies Brewery, although I'm paying the price for a few too many this morning.





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