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East Midlands Trains: Are they on strike Thursday 3 May?

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Surprised that I havent found a thread about this already: I was about to buy a ticket to go on the train to Chesterfield tonight to go out to a club, returning on the very late ex-London service that departs Chesterfield at 00.58 hours this morning and arrives in Sheffield about 01.20, when the ticket clerk told me something about a 'strike' which means there are no East Midlands Trains during Thursday, including those after midnight Wednesday.

Does anyone else know about that? I listen to the news on BBC Radio about 10 times a day and there was absolutely NOTHING about this, it seems that the news have little better at the moment to flog the 'News International' fun topic to death and not bother with local/regional travel difficulties, especially important one would think, just before a bank holiday weekend.

Come on, BBC, you can do better!

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Many Thanks for the confirmation about disruption tomorrow; I noticed an old thread somewhere else mentioning about strikes on the 16th-17th May, but clearly things had changed since that was posted...

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