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Round and Round It Goes - Art Event @ Harrisons 1854, 8th-11th May

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Time has ended for artistic freedom and time has come for the audience to rule!


For four days in May 2012 Sheffield will be hosting the most experimental exhibition since the mankind reached the moon. Artists’ creativity will be put to the test by a one-hour time limit and a growing number of rules made by the audience.


Harrisons 1854 is pleased to present Round and Round It Goes, where eleven artists based all around the world will be connected via Skype with the public. The exhibition will feature live-made pieces taking the form of a mixed media installation.


Artists will be working from Tuesday 8th till Thursday 10th, between 1pm and 11 pm. Your involvement is key to the success of the exhibition!


The exhibition as a whole will be on display on Friday the 11th, between 5pm-12.30am (also Box Jams #8 on the same evening!).




You can also follow the development of the exhibition through a dedicated blog!


A Facebook event page can be found here.


The participating artists are:


Helena Goñi – Bilbao, Spain


Riikka Gröndahl – Sheffield, UK


Jari A. Juvani – Tampere, Finland


María Kahnwailer – Tallinn, Estonia


Noelia Lecue – Sheffield, UK


Mari Ljokkoi – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Virpi Nieminen – Colorado, USA


Rainur Pria – Seoul, South Korea


Jaana Ristola – Seoul, South Korea


Ander Sagastiberri – Sheffield, UK


Viika Sankila – Edinburgh, UK

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We're really quite excited about Round and Round It Goes. It's our FIRST EVER art installation & exhibition and we're sure it's going to be bloody ace! We're opening up earlier than normal for this - from 1pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the final exhibition ready to view in it's entirety on Friday from 5pm!


Just in case you're wondering how it's all going to work...


‎1. The exhibition starts by asking for a rule from a visitor in the exhibition space.


2. This rule, e.g. ‘artist can use only the color yellow’, and a one-hour time limit will be forwarded to the first artist in the first country (Tanzania) via Skype.


3. The artist will make a work of art, e.g. a sculpture, a painting, a performance, a photograph, within one hour.


4. The piece is then documented as a photo or photos and sent to Sheffield where they will be printed and put on display.


5. A new rule is asked and forwarded to the second artist in the second country (Finland). The artist will also receive the documentation of the earlier piece and the first rule.


6. The second artist does a work of art obeying the two rules and commenting, using or continuing the first piece.


7. Again in one hour this new piece must be sent to Sheffield where it will be added to the installation.


8. A third rule is asked and added to the previous rules. All of the rules are forwarded to the third country with the latest photo.


9. The exhibition will continue growing this way. If two rules are in a contradiction only the newer one will be used.



Oh...and our regular Box Jams night is kicking off at 9pm on the Friday too!

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This starts today folks! Come down, drop in and take part!

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Day Two of Round And Round It Goes! So far artists from Tanzania, Spain, Estonia, Edinburgh and Finland have taken part and provided the exhibition with images. Some interesting rules coming from the mighty public...the latest one is that all pieces need to include something stolen.




...check out our facebook page for the latest pic from Spain!

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Day three of Round And Round It Goes, and it's the final day in which you can influence what is created! We're open from 1pm - come up, take part and bring a rule with you! Today we've got artists based in South Korea, Finland, Estonia, USA and Sheffield taking part through the magick of technology.


Tomorrow the exhibition will be complete and will remain up for viewing from 5pm til close. From 9pm we have the excellent Box Jams with a guest set from Pipes of Kabal infamy. It promises to be a very good night indeed.

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