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Looking for a field.

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Everybody keeps laughing at me when I make the comment I still need to find a field.


We are hoping to get married in 2014 however we are wanting a music festival themed wedding, with outdoors, me in a vintage dress and some Cath kidston wells, the lads in full top hat, tails and hunters, a camping area for those staying overnight aswell as hotel accommodation for the oldies, I don't think my nan will fancy a tent.


We will require live music, acoustic and also open mic session for our friends, we already have somebody to provide a bar.


But we need a field or space that we will be allowed to do this in, we are aware we will have to get marrid at the register office first.


Does anybody know of anywhere around the sheffielf area where this may be possible?

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Sounds great, we started out looking for a field but had to compromise due to other reasons. A few places we found...

Whirlow Hall Farm

Heathy Lea, which is part of Chatsworth but were very flexible with arrangements

Smallshaw Farm

Foxholes Farm


I think you might struggle to find somewhere with field space and hotel. I think Smallshaw, Heathy Lea and Townfield have self catering accommodation though.


A mini festival theme sounds great, good luck!!


Don't forget there are extras for just a field, as in toilets, hiring all the chairs etc and a generator for power.

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Whirlow Farm definitely.


I can give you the details of the two people to speak to there - Lisa and Sarah - if you need them. Just PM me. I'm sure they'll be able to help. They have space to do something like this, put weddings on regularly, and also, you're not that far from hotels etc where people could stay.

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