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Wanting to learn jewellery making/beading

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Hi, you can look up jewellery making on the internet; there's some really helpful websites out there that can guide you and show you what equipment you'll need to start up. It's really easy to teach yourself. :)

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Thanks Sophie!


We also have a beading group every other Thursday (next one is on 17th May) which is like a social for people who making jewellery.


We're a nice friendly bunch and we have a range of techniques and skill levels. Everybody helps each other out with things like technique and events and it is a great place to bounce ideas off like-minded people.


There is a charge for £3 but that includes all the cake and tea you can eat as well as the usual stuff like room hire and insurance.


Get in touch if you'd like any more information.

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Hi gingers, you can come to craft day "Marvellous hands" at Hollingwood (near Chesterfield, lock on the Chesterfield canal) on 13th May; there will be a few ladies exhibiting and selling, you can have a talk with them. No fee for visitors. We try to support hobby and professional craftsmen/women and increase interest of general public in craft.

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Hi Gingers.

Just visiting the forum after a long abscence.

If you are still into jewellery making or crafts check out my friend pat's shop at Chesterfield Road in Sheffield.... Art Scene....the shop with a full sized manakin in the window.

What pat doesn't know about crafts etc you dont need too....she can always put you in the right direction for supplies and information.

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Hi I fancy trying out jewellery making/beading , can anyone recommend a good magazine for a complete beginer?

Many Thanks.


Dizzy Bees now has a studio “Dizzy’s Den” in the heart of Rotherham. We offer a range of workshops & parties providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills unlock your creative side and make unique and beautiful things for you and your home in a laid back and sociable setting. http://www.dizzybees.co.uk

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