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My last goodbye to Gwenda

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i could if i wanted i could even have another Sheppard

i now understand what guide dogs mean by a

working Sheppard is different to a pet one its unbelievable

how different they are

i suppose in a way i never got over the death of Major relay

but i'm just going to see how it goes at the moment

but i know if i do have another one i'm not having a Shepperd

i couldn't go through the heartache if it happened again

losing Gwenda tore me in two i loved her so much & to

hand her back was the hardest thing for me to do i'm

not a quitter & in a way i felt like i had given up on her

i know i hadn't but you just couldn't help feeling like that

i love GSD but i will just stick to looking at them when i

see them on the street & in rescues etc

i have even had one pin me up against a wall & it never

made me think any different of them i just love them :love::love:

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great news Gwenda my guide dog i had has qualified with someone new i'm so happy for them both i did cry when i heard Ian

tell me but it was tears of happiness & a little bit of sadness because i wish she was still with me but we wasn't meant to be as hard as i tried good luck both to Gwenda & her new Guide Dog owner xxx


ive just watched this & cried buckets


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Ah that's great news :clap::clap:


thank you SpeedDemon

it was a little bitter sweet for me relay i don't know why but i couldn't stop crying that day i think in a way i was a little jealous to be honest with you

the fact that she was my GD first sort of thing i know i shouldn't of felt like that

but i just couldn't help it i suppose you can't help how you feel at the time

but i couldn't be more happy for her new GDO i just wished it was me

but i have decided that i'm going to wait until i feel better about Gwenda going 1st

because i don't think i have relay gotten over her going yet :(

it doesn't help when i'm sorting & updateing the page for GSD rescue on facebook :hihi: :hihi:

& seeing all those gorgeous shepherds on there :roll::)

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