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Young singer guitarist looking for a band

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Hi, I am a young singer guitarist, either rhythm or lead, electric or acoustic. My influences are wide, from Arctic Monkeys to Led Zep, Stereophonics and Foo Fighters. I can improvise and know the fret board well as I have been taught by a professional guitar teacher. I have all my own gear including a full P.A. and back line, and I have plenty of gig experience as lead guitarist and singer.


I am looking for a young band with lots of ambition to jam with.


Although I am young I play and perform very well for my age. I feel I would fit into a four or five piece as lead singer and rhythm guitar or lead guitar with backing vocals.


I am based in the S10 area and have access to practice space.


If your interested PM me or reply



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Hi mate. Me (bass, 25) and another guitarist (22) have just started getting together and playing alternative/progressive rock and we're looking for other people to add to the line up. Going to be writing original stuff and gigging when we've got a set together. Think Tool and Smashing Pumpkins. Message me back if you're, interested.

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Yo dude! You sound pretty much perfect for our band! (providing you're a good singer that is ;) We love Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Muse etc - We take influence from these guys. Our songs are not simple ****ty songs - We put effort and complexity into our songwriting :D


2 of us live in S10 so you're pretty close already.


We have a lead guitarist but we need a singer. 2nd guitar might come in handy actually though.


We write our own songs, got previous gig experience, but we want a decent singer now - We want to progress massively!


Don't let our age fool you. We're all very good musicians for 16 year olds. Grade 8 players all round: Guitar, Bass, Drums


Hoping you aren't too old for us, and that you haven't already settled for another band, dude... you sound cool. Text me on 07792551693 if you're interested :D



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