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Child minder Vs Nanny

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depends on their ages really.


A live out nanny would be about £14,000!


Childminder for under 5's ranges between 3.50 and 4.00 per hour. some offer sibling discounts, some do not. some include food some do not.



Childminders - self employed, pay their own tax, NI, you may not have to pay holiday fees or pay for sickness

Nanny's are employed. you pay their tax and NI and have to pay sickness, holiday and possibly maternity pay


Childminder works in their home, sets their business rules, opening hours

Nanny works in your home, you set the rules



Childminder is Ofsted registered

Nanny would only be on the voluntary register (Nannies do not have to register)


What is it you are wanting to know?



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I am a part time nanny at the moment and I don't get anywhere near the salary of 14000.

I get £6.50 an hour looking after two children in there own home and then petrol expenses as 20 pence per mile. I am however registering with ofsted to become a childminder so I can do both

Also I am registered as self employed so I pay my own tax and national insurence and my employer doesn't.


Different situations work for different people and I have worked for different families each having there own way of doing things.


If you would like to chat to me in furthur details please Pm me and I'd be happy to help x

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Having used all types of childcare I find a nanny easier, and cheaper

with 2 plus children. They work for you and fit in with your life. They can take your kids to where they need to be, be it dancing class or the GP. They can have them when they are poorly (within reason) or during school holidays. Most of them will do some chores (usually restricted to the children like laundry, cooking or buying emergency supplies of nappies, bread, milk etc ). They don't close at 6pm. And you don't have the hideous charade of packing bags for all the kids then dropping them off at different places. Depending upon handover time they can even dress them. Like a childminder if they are sick you are stuffed (unlike nursery) and you need to get on with them and treat them well. They are in your home & will inevitably do things that irritate you at some point so you have to manage that. Oh and if you come home early or work from home it is more difficult than when they are out the house. If you have a good and fun nanny it also feels easier to leave them as their needs are coming first

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