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M.E. Awareness day 12th May

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May the 12th is M.E. awareness day so I just thought I'd start a thread about this condition and see if anyone else on here suffers and can lend support and advice to others.


I have had M.E. for 7 years following a bout of flu. My condition fluctuates and I have good and bad periods.


Would love to hear from others in the same position.





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I've had M.E for 16 years now. I was really ill at one time and couldn't stand long enough to make a cup of tea. I now work for myself as I can manage my workload according to how I'm feeling.

My daughtrer has also come down with M.E and we both support each other through difficult times. She has had support from Fairlawns.

I hope the awareness day helps people understand the condition as a lot of people still wrongly believe that it is all in the mind!

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I work for myself from home now too so that I can be flexible around my illness. I have had to accept that I have had to change my life in order to manage my condition and have a life. Working full time was killing me and when I was made redundant no-one would give me a job due to the condition and my sickness record. I really hope that they start to do some decent research and get somewhere with this illness. Graded exercise and the attitude of the NHS and DWP are harmful to patients.

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i found that pacing was the best thing for me and also asking for help when i needed it before i knew what was wrong everyone thaught i was lazy now my family knows what is wrong i have a lot more support

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