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Sheffield Wednesday v Wycombe Official Match Thread

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The most important 96 minutes of football at Hillsborough for some considerable time.

I hope Wycombe come to play football and try to win the game.

What I don't want, is a 'Park The Bus' situation, and see no reason why Wycombe should come with that intention.

We should be too good for them, and at 1/10 for promotion, the Bookies seem to agree.

We've come unstuck once or twice this season against 'lesser' teams, and I hope and pray that this is not going to be another of those matches.


COYBAWW !!! :thumbsup:

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Are you blind? Theres already a very popular match thread.


No, there's a thread that Unregistered has hijacked to advertise his business


Can we not merge the match threads and clear it up at bit mods :)


No, I'm neither blind nor thick. The other thread is 95% nonsense.

Please, don't lets let this one end up the same way...... Thanks.

I cleared it with Robbie before starting a new thread. Cheers Robbie.

If the threads are merged, I hope 'you know who's' nonsense is totally nuked.


Now, back to the Match Thread proper.

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Seriously not worried about this one,been worried about plenty others this season but like already said we will be way too good for them,this should be our last match of the season and surely they will give it there all. UTO

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i expect to paint torquay blue and white on saturday night....my boys will not let me down this time....like in 1970, 1975, 1990, 2000, 2003 and 2010..........now we have the chance to take another step up....

nothing better than watching your team gain promotion....so i will be drinking to the mighty 38,000 in sunny torquay surrounded by those devil worshippers...

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