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Website Advertising Charges

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Hi everyone,


We're a local initiative and free community-based mini-social network aimed at getting families more active - we get sports club/organisations to set up profiles and share their information/events for families to find new, different ways of getting fit. We also run a community forum and promote the work of charities and local initiatives.


As it's been entirely self-funded, we could do with trying to gain some revenue from the website now - we're never going to charge people to use the website so selling advertising space seems to be the only way.


I wouldn't have a clue where to start trying to find out how much to charge - I realise we'd need more traffic to the website which should be improving soon with various related links we've made.


Please let me know how you think we could implement: http://www.funmefit.com


Any suggestions/advice appreciated!



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A very successful business model for Google and Facebook. You would have to show visitor numbers and some demographics of the type of people likely to use your website on your advertise with us page. You could create some banners that people could link to.


Adsense could be a starting point and other affiliate marketing sites.

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If you dont get much traffic, I wouldnt go along the ad sense route. You are probably better off creating banner space.


When I worked at MySheffieldJobs, banners could be sold for anything from £150 for 28 days to £700 for 7 days depending on the type and prominance.



You could probably sell 6 month or longer banners to local companies to partnership with

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