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I need to set up a second Paypal account-can anyone advise?

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I have a standard paypal account which I have used for years for buying and a bit of selling. I am starting a small business and would like to offer potential customers the opportunity to buy items from my website via Paypal. I have spent some time trawling through the Paypal site and forums and have found a lot of differing information as to how to go about this, which is why I'm hoping someone out there has done it and can explain in plain Sheffield english what I should do! So far I think I need a 2nd email address and a different bank account. I don't anticipate taking vast sums of money, it's a small business venture. Any suggestions? :):confused:

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You dont need a second bank account you can have up to 5 ebay accounts with the same bank account you just need a new email addy and set it up as a business account and not a private account but the fees are higher and you won`t be able to do free listings unless its a free day listing for business sellers

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If the items you sell are generally under £10, set up a Paypal 'Merchant account' for lower fees.


If they are mostly under £10 but sometimes over, it will work out cheaper, but if they are very often over £10, you're better with a standard account.


You don't need another bank account, you can link a few email addresses to one Paypal account.

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