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Ideas / opportunities to keep kids / teens occupied during the summer

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Hi, I'm guessing that a lot of parents will be wondering the same thing around this time of year. The thought of the summer holidays fill me with dread as they approach as we both work full time. Yes, we do get holidays and put as many in as we can, but this doesn't cover the whole year; we would like to spend some time off together too

This year is different: we have 2 boys 17 and 15, they don't want to come away with us any more, and a daughter 9.

The boys can 'fend for themselves to some extent' but they really could do with some structure, possibly a summer job. Left to their own devices then who knows..... Yes they are 'young adults' but they still need some guidance

Any suggestions of where to look, where to get advice from and previously used areas/sites whatever would be really helpful

thanks ;)



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