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Disabled friendly restaurants in Sheffield ??


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Hi All,


This may be a fairly big ask, but I am looking to book a restaurant in Sheffield for this Saturday. My father is quite ill and can now only get around using his mobility scooter (his wheelchair does not arrive until next week). His scooter obviously doesn't even go up the smallest of steps and we would also need the space to park it. (We would also need ground floor toilet access).


We would be a party of 6 and ideally would prefer Italian or Mediterranean food and definately not a chain style place.


Does such a place exist that also serves good food and decent wines. We would also consider decent pubs.


My lovely Dad deserves a decent night out with his family.


Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Our venue, The Wick at Both Ends on West Street would be able to accommodate your fathers mobility scooter.


We have ramped access, a ground floor disabled toilet, and space to park his scooter.


We serve fantastic European Modern tapas inspired dishes. Our full menu is on http://www.thewickatbothends.co.uk if you wish to check out the menu.


If you would like to make a booking, or find out any more information please email charlie@theharley.co.uk



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