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Laptop Mouse pad Button (HP G6)


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Hey all, not quite a problem, just a bit of a niggle.


The left mouse button on my G6 is wobbly and hangs lower than my left click button, feels a little loose. It works fine as it should, and has been this way since I bought it in December, but for some reason it has started to really annoy me.


Can you replace them? or even fix them. I don't want to mess with it till I know what i'm doin' lol


Thanks :D

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Being less then 6 months old I'm sure it will be under warranty, I bought it from PC world, and I know their technicians can be a little bit funny (from what I've read about anyways) but with it being in full working order, I didn't know if it would be covered?

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As Mozalan says, it will be covered, it's just annoying if you have to send it away. My Dell has on site next day warranty and some HP's do, but it varies. Worth fixing either way, but if it's back to base, then you could wait until you go on holiday or something so you won't miss it.

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