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Halifax ISA interest rates

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I just had a mail from the Halifax with their ISA rates, they really are taking the ****. If you have £1+ in you get 0.10%, if you have £21,000+ you get 0.13% and if you have £27,000+ you get all of 0.20%. It seems that you can only get a rate of about 4% if you are prepared to tie the money up for 3 years and not touch it.

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It will be because the first year bonus has dropped off. when the ISA was first opened it will have said something like 3.00% tax free/AER including 12 month fixed bonus of 2.75%, after 12 months your just getting the .25%.




Nationwide instant access ISA is paying 4.25 which is one of the best rates around.

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Your right, the rate was probably a 1year rate that ended.


There is the 3% ISA that is a one year rate (instant access), online and postal transactions.


If you want a branch based one it's 2.75%


You have to go in and ask to have it changed to either of these.


Then of course the fixed ones which have higher rates

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